How To Become A Postmates Driver: A Step By Step Guide

Oct 4 · 1 min read

Becoming a driver for Postmates is an easy way to make extra income. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a full-time gig, you should consider getting paid to deliver things like food, groceries, retail, and even alcohol.

Before you start the process of becoming a Postmates driver though, you’ll want to Get Whyze and follow our step by step guide for beginners. We’re going to give you all of the basic information you need to become a Postmates driver and start making some extra cash.

How Do I Become A Driver For Postmates?

Becoming a driver for Postmates is pretty easy! Let’s go through the steps:

  1. Start the process by creating an account with just an email and password (support Whyze and use our link!)
  2. Tell Postmates about yourself (name, contact information, city, vehicle type, drivers license number, etc.)
  3. Authorize a background check by entering your date of birth and social security number
  4. Review the Fleet Agreement
  5. Upload your profile photo
  6. Set up your direct deposit
  7. Activate your Postmates Prepaid Card once you get your Welcome Kit
  8. After your card is linked, your background check will begin and you’ll be emailed the final steps for getting started

Once everything is complete, you will be ready to accept your first delivery and start making some extra cash!