How To Make Extra Money As An Instacart Shopper?

Feb 12 · 3 min read

Becoming an Instacart In-Store Shopper could be a great way for you to earn some extra cash! And you won’t even need a car!

What Is Instacart?

If you’ve never heard of Instacart , it’s a service that allows customers to get their groceries delivered to them. When customers order groceries from the Instacart app or website, Instacart Shopper’s shop the order at the grocery store then deliver it to the customer. In return, they get paid!

Making Money As An Instacart Shopper

As an Instacart In-Store Shopper, you’ll only have to shop and bag groceries . This means a vehicle isn’t required to get paid! In-Store Shoppers receive customer orders through an app on their smartphone and then shop and bag the groceries in-store before moving on to the next order. You’ll also be able to pick your own schedule and you’ll get paid when you want!

Requirements To Be An Instacart Shopper

If this extra income sounds great to you, make sure you meet the requirements below before signing up .

  • Be 18 or over
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Have consistent access to and be able to effectively use a recent smartphone (iPhone 5 / Android 4.4 or newer)
  • Be able to lift between 30-40 lbs with or without an accommodation

Getting Paid For Grocery Shopping!

If you want to get paid just for shopping and bagging groceries, Get Whyze and apply here .